Standard Five

Standard 5
Standard 5: Impact on Student Learning.
Physical Education teacher candidates utilize assessments and reflection to foster student learning and inform instructional decisions.

5.1 Select of create appropriate assessments that will measure student achievements of goals and objectives.
5.2 Use appropriate assessments to evaluate student learning before, during, and after instruction.

Artifact: PED 434. Stats work sample presentation.

Date: Fall 2010


Throughout the semester in PED 434, Statistics and assessment in sport we work on a work sample. Up to this point this was the most in-depth and intense project I have been assigned while being in college. Fortunately, we worked in small groups. Together we were able to share our knowledge and ideas to create an extensive work sample. This included cognitive, psychomotor, and affective assessments for students and teachers both before and after teaching lessons. This was an extremely beneficial project for several reasons. In order to do this successfully we needed to collaborate with each other as colleagues. Using assessments and recording date throughout the project allowed us to create statistics. The states we gathered proved to be helpful in ways such as providing us as teachers with information regarding student starting and ending points as well as their improvement. This is very important to my development of becoming a future physical educator because it is exactly how physical education programs should be conducted. Reflective teachers use stats and assessment for their own benefit as well as that of the students.

Click Here to view artifact 1, PED 434 Stats work sample presentation